The work processes used in our shoe factory are still the same since many years, these are what characterize and distinguish us from mass production.

The main work method we use, is named “Ideal” . One of the most delicate and complex work method and symbol of the “Made in Italy “. This requires a professional, expert and precise workforce, which we formed inside our workshop. The the product finishing we use specific sewing machines and cutters. This allows you to obtain a flexible, durable, quality footwear, always trending with our times.

Another work method is named “San Crispino”, which is different fron the “Ideal” I requires more attention and has an extra step during production for a better shoe final appearance . This also guarantees more flexibility and high quality.

All the steps of our production, from leather cutting to the finishing of the actual shoe, are made in our company in Italy

All the materials we use, are of excellent quality, chosen by us, strictly Made in Italy.

Only genuine Italian leather is used, treated with chrome or vegetable tanning depending what is requested at the particular time or trend. Our insoles are mostly made of leather split, and linings are made of calfskin a very soft and comfortable leather. The uppers are mostly made of smooth bovine leather, treated to obtain the most requested and captivating colors, but we also often use of suede, nubuck, sheepskin and other leathers treated for special effects. Made is our region, or close to our region, are all the accessories we use, eyelets, laces, buckles and all the other decorations, make our shoes unique and definitely Made in Italy